Enhanced Evolution

Supporting pharmaceutical, chemical, water-treatment, agri-food and bio-science customers; we design and manufacture bespoke composite and thermoplastic pieces to deal with any challenging environment.

CCP (Corrosion Control Plastics) has been active in the control of corrosive materials in Ireland for almost 50 years. Specialising in high strength, chemically resistant composites and thermoplastics, CCP Gransden manufacture a variety of products including: tanks, liners, guarding, bunds, pipework and bespoke containers. CCP Gransden are able to identify and select the best polymer or composite for the customer’s corrosive environment, and can arrange for tests trials and samples in advance of manufacture.

With products and equipment in service across Ireland and the UK, the high quality of manufacture and installation provided is demonstrated for all to see.

Corrosion Control corrosion control