CCP Gransden has experience in the manufacture of advanced continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites from a large selection of advanced polymers.

Our experience of working with advanced thermoplastics currently includes, but is not limited to:

–  PPS
–  PEI
–  PC
–  PP
–  PA (6,12)

Depending upon our client’s needs, CCP can manufacture advanced thermoplastic composites using one of our three automated processes:

–  Pressforming
–  Injection Overmoulding
–  Compression Moulding

Thanks to our high levels of automation, our one of a kind infrared oven and our experience in handling and processing thermoplastics, CCP can manufacture advanced continuous fibre reinforced composites in as little as 60 seconds. This low cycle time enables CCP to be able to manufacture several thousand thermoplastic composites on a daily basis.

Via our award winning single stage overmoulding process, CCP can support our clients with parts count reduction, and reduction in assembly times, thereby generating potential reductions in total production costs.