CCP Gransden recognises that each of our clients are unique and that their individual needs and challenges require a flexible and dynamic approach. To meet and exceed the varied and challenging needs of our multi-sector clients, we invest in the latest advanced technologies.


This has enabled CCP to create a manufacturing facility that comprises potentially the UK’s largest selection of advanced composite manufacturing processes.

Our selection of advanced composite manufacturing processes currently includes:

– Thermoplastic Composite Pressforming
– Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmoulding
– High Pressure RTM
– Multi-Axis Filament Winding
– RTM & Vacuum Infusion
– BMC & SMC Compression Moulding

To support our clients, CCP has invested in the creation of a unique, world class automated high volume manufacturing cell, able to produce high quality advanced composites in a fast (less than 60 seconds for some components) and repeatable manner.

We have also recently invested in a new state of the art large scale Waterjet Cutter and 5-Axis Composite CNC machining centre to increase our composite trimming and machining capabilities.

CCP Recognises that each of our clients will have their own preferred modelling software to support their product design and engineering. To increase our flexibility, CCP has invested in a range of modeling software packages. 

In addition to our world class manufacturing capabilities, CCP has intimate knowledge and experience in both thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers and employs a lean manufacturing philosophy to every project.

The combination of our world class technologies, our ever-increasing knowledge database of material processing information and our experience in lean manufacturing, enable CCP to be able to manufacture advanced and complex composite components in as little as 1 minute, enabling us to meet the varied production volumes required by our clients