CCP Gransden have been filament winding advanced composite tubes for multiple sectors for over 30 years. We have continued to push the boundaries of this process and recently partnered with MF Tech to design a new and bespoke state of the art 7-axis robotic winding cell to meet the current and future needs of our clients.

The robotic system provides greater flexibility in the manufacturing of multilayer and multi-material composite components up to 1m in diameter and 4m in length, whilst automation reduces the labour cost of each part.

Our winding system is also supported through the latest filament winding software from ComposicaD™, which enables us to generate accurate winding patterns quickly and efficiently.

Our multi-axis winding system allows for the manufacturing of products such as:

– Gas cylinders

– Pressure tanks
– Rocket motor casings
– Propeller blades
– Fuel pipes
– Storage tanks