Enhanced Evolution

At CCP Gransden we build long term relationships with our customers. We are involved in customer projects from inception to completion. This includes on-site testing, optimising the solid/liquid separation process lowering transportation and disposal costs and ultimately making your plant more efficient and cost effective to operate.

Zetag® Flocculant Technology
For many years cationic polyacrylamide flocculants have been used in the sludge de-watering process. Optimising the de-watered biosolids is essential to maintain the sustainability and efficiency of the process. Higher cake solids reduces the energy required for transporting and disposing at a landfill.

Furthermore, if the cake is dry enough it can be incinerated as fuel to generate energy. Our customers are seeking the best performance in order to optimize their de-watering process. The comprehensive range of BASF‘s Zetag® flocculants ensures that the solid-liquid separation process is tailored, cost-effective and efficient.

Magnafloc® LT Flocculant and Coagulant Technology
The products in the Magnafloc® LT range of organic coagulants and high molecular weight flocculants can be used for a wide range of solid/liquid separation situations. The flocculants enable highly efficient and cost-effective treatment, while the coagulants can be used in more demanding processes, such as colour removal. All of the Magnafloc® LT products are approved for use in drinking water and sugar processing applications.

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