Enhanced Evolution

The first stage in process optimisation is to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve with the use of flocculants. Once this is clearly understood CCP Gransden can give advice as to how best to achieve it.

Product Selection – Jar Tests
In order to determine the most appropriate flocculant for your needs, several jar tests would initially be carried out. A representative (and fresh) sample of effluent/water would normally be tested with several different flocculants in a 500ml beaker. This would show which flocculant produces the best floc for the requirement and gives an indication of the likely dose. It also provides everyone with a clear visual indication as to the likely effectiveness of the flocculant. While these tests are extremely useful, CCP Gransden would normally recommend that a more extensive site trial is conducted before the chosen flocculant is confirmed.

Site Trials
After conducting jar tests, a more extensive site trial is recommended to confirm that the flocculant works effectively with the actual treatment process.

Commissioning Trials
CCP Gransden will work with the site commissioning engineers to commission a new plant or piece of equipment. and offer advice for all matters relating to polymer, polymer make up, pumping, dosing, mixing, storage and use with separation equipment.

Improved Results
CCP Gransden has an established methodology to
achieve better results and can assist in several ways be it mechanical (eg pumping, mixing, separation equipment settings etc) or chemical (eg use of coagulants, ph correction, defoamer and odour control) or process (eg offering advice about how the process might be adjusted (eg balance tank configuration, blending and timing)

Cost Reduction
CCP Gransden can assist with cost reduction programmes by analysing and tracking the costs of treatment associated with the addition of polymer.

process optimisation process optimisation process optimisation